a lawyer leads a consultation with a client. there are a gavel and scale in view.Receiving divorce papers can be devastating if you weren’t expecting it. Even if you knew it was coming, it can still turn your life upside down. It’s important to choose the right divorce lawyer to guide you through this time. From adaptability to compatibility, discover three factors that you should consider while choosing a divorce lawyer.

A Divorce Lawyer Who Adapts to Your Case

If your divorce is amicable, you don’t need an aggressive lawyer who will intensify the conflict between the two parties. You need a lawyer who can help you achieve the desired outcome through the divorce process that best fits your situation. Talk to your divorce lawyer about what she will do in the event a court proceeding is necessary or if it’s just a sit-down discussion between the two parties.

A Divorce Lawyer Who is Compatible With You

Compatibility is very important when choosing your divorce lawyer. Divorce is easily one of the most stressful events a person can go through and choosing a lawyer who can help you journey through this situation in a calm manner is invaluable. An open line of communication and complete trust will help your lawyer-client relationship thrive.

A Divorce Lawyer Who Specializes in Family Law

A personal injury attorney or business litigation attorney won’t be well-equipped to handle your divorce case. You need an attorney who specializes in family law. At Gray Eittreim Martin LLC, divorce is a primary aspect of our practice. From amicable to high-stress divorce cases, we’ve handled many situations and gained a positive outcome for our clients. When you choose GEM Family Law, you can be confident you’re getting the best attorneys in Atlanta to handle your divorce case.

Our attorneys would be honored if you chose us to help you through this difficult time. We don’t take your trust lightly! Contact us today with your questions.