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Establishing a biological relationship via a paternity test can be beneficial for all parties involved. Discover five situations that justify a paternity test:

1. Ability to Pursue Child Support via a Court Order

A woman cannot pursue child support from a man who denies a biological relationship to the child. Legally, a paternity test must be completed to confirm or deny the relationship. If the paternity test shows a relationship between the child and father, the mother can pursue child support via legal means.

2. Pursuit of Child Custody or Visitation

If a man does not have proof that he is the father of a child, he cannot pursue child custody or visitation. If the paternity test he takes comes back with a 99% chance of paternity, he can pursue legal means to see his child on a regular basis. You can learn more about different types of child custody and child visitation in our blogs:

3. Provide Clarity for Adopted Children Seeking Biological Parents

Paternity tests are not only for men or women seeking answers, but also for adopted children who want to reconnect with their biological parents. If there is an uncertainty about who the biological parents are, a paternity test can provide certainty and clarity.

4. Assist in Legal Matters

More than child custody and visitation, establishing paternity can assist in other important legal matters such as:

  • Grand-parentage testing
  • Immigration cases
  • Inheritance rights
  • Insurance claims
  • Native American Tribal Rights
  • Rightful heirs to an estate
  • Social security benefits

5. Peace of Mind

Whether you’re a mother seeking child support from the father, a sibling wanting to confirm biological relationship to a potential sibling, or any other situation requiring biologics, a paternity test can help provide answers and peace of mind. If you have questions about paternity tests, check out our latest blog – Paternity Test FAQs.

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