alimony paymentAlimony, or spousal support, has many misconceptions associated with its name. Because of this, there are plenty of people who don’t seek divorce in fear that they will be stuck paying hundreds of dollars each month in spousal support. Allow us to shed light on four myths:

Myth #1: Alimony payments are permanent.

Before giving into worry, alimony does not last forever. The amount that you must pay ceases after a set amount of time. Additionally, different circumstances can affect the alimony agreement being dissolved or modified such as a new marriage or an employment change.

Myth #2: Alimony payments are tax-free.

A common misconception about these payments is that they’re “free” money. However, the recipient must pay taxes on what she receives, and the payer can deduct taxes if need be. Recipients can find themselves in a legal mess if taxes are not taken out of the payments.

Myth #3: The wife will receive alimony payments.

Gender isn’t a determining factor when the judge decides on alimony. Several factors that he will consider include duration of marriage, financial condition of both parties, standard of living, marriage contributions, and time needed to find employment.

Myth #4: My actions in the marriage will determine how much alimony is awarded.

When determining alimony, the judge will not consider marital actions or who filed for divorce. Yes, he will know this information, but it will not be used to determine how much will be granted. Judges decide the amount of spousal support based on facts.

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