closeup shot of a gavel and 2 wedding ringsAn uncontested divorce occurs when both parties reach an agreement about important matters without a judge determining the outcome for them. Discover what matters you should discuss with your spouse, what to do if the process becomes too difficult, and how a divorce lawyer can help:

What matters are important to discuss?

There are several big matters that must be discussed and agreed upon including child support, alimony, property division, debt division, parenting responsibilities, and child custody. These are the main matters that a judge will determine for you if an agreement cannot be reached.

Do I need a lawyer during an uncontested divorce?

Even in an amicable divorce case, it’s important to have your attorney look over your paperwork before it’s signed. A divorce lawyer will determine if there are any unforeseen issues that need to be addressed or vague language that should be rewritten.

Are there benefits to an uncontested divorce?

Several benefits of an uncontested divorce include less cost, less time it takes to finalize the divorce case, and possibly fewer negative effects on children involved. However, it’s important for us to stress the fact that you do not want to agree to terms just to have the divorce finalized.

What should I do if it turns ugly?

Never sign a document out of force or because you are anxious to have the divorce finalized. This will only drag out the process since you will likely have to go to court to have the details of the divorce rewritten and established.

Can a divorce lawyer help me?

While there are benefits to an uncontested divorce, it’s not always realistic. The Eittreim Martin Cutler divorce attorneys can help you prepare for your divorce, make known your requests, and present your case to a judge (if need be). Don’t hesitate to contact us today concerning your contested or uncontested divorce: 770-225-7000.