children of divorceYou likely see Halloween decorations on porches and Thanksgiving decorations scattered throughout stores. The holiday season is upon us! Within eight weeks, America celebrates several of its biggest holidays. For divorced families with children, this holiday season may be difficult. Here are simple tips you can implement to keep the holidays cheery and enjoyable for children of divorced parents:

Use Technology to Your Advantage

With today’s available technology, you can see people face-to-face even when you’re thousands of miles apart! If you’re not able to see your kids during the holiday season, make sure you stay connected to them by calling, texting, and facetiming. These simple gestures help children of divorce feel happy despite the circumstances.

Be Present

There’s a saying that is simple and sweet. It says, “The best present is your presence.” This Christmas, in addition to sweet gifts, give them your presence! The best memories are those spent with the ones you love. The holidays following a divorce can be extremely difficult for kids. Be intentional about experiencing the holidays together and making memories.

Work Together & Communicate

Kids are incredibly attentive, and they can tell if mom and dad aren’t getting along. Set aside a time before the holiday season arrives to communicate with your ex about how to set up the best schedule, help the kids, and keep the holiday spirits bright. When you and your ex work together to make the holidays best for the kids, you will see it in your child’s overall attitude.

Keep Traditions Alive

When you and your ex lived in the same house, what were some of your holiday traditions? Did you go to a certain corn maze in October, carve pumpkins in November, and visit a certain church in December? Make sure you keep these traditions alive to help the kids adjust to their new life.

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