a young couple smiles and drinks coffee on a couchHave you just gotten engaged and you’re in the midst of wedding planning? This is an exciting time of your life, and it’s understandable if the last thing you want to think about is writing a prenup (or let alone asking your fiancé if he’s okay with it). Consider these four tips when you approach your fiancé about writing this important document:

Approach the Conversation with Transparency

When you talk to your future spouse about creating a prenup, approach the conversation with transparency. Tell him exactly why it’s important to you and how you think it will benefit both of you. Often, a well-intended discussion turns into a heated argument due to lack of communication, and a prenup talk is no different.

Choose the Right Time

Bringing up the prenup topic is not the best idea when you’re in the middle of a heated argument. Choose the right time to talk about this important document to ensure the best possible outcome.

Ask Questions & Be Open

A prenup agreement deals with both parties, which means that you need to know what’s important to your future spouse and vice versa. Ask him questions concerning the document and what he would want to include in it. This is the perfect time to be open and honest about your finances and assets and what is important to you, as well.

Offer Reassurance

There’s nothing romantic about the prenup talk, but it doesn’t have to cause contention either. When you talk to your fiancé, offer reassurance that you don’t plan on ever divorcing him or needing to use this document in the future. This document can help ease any financial stress you have and provide peace of mind!

Our team of attorneys has extensive experience creating prenup documents that reflect the wishes of both parties. If a divorce is imminent, this document can remove unnecessary stress.

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