father holds his young son in the air and they smile at each otherOnce you’ve established paternity, it’s important to seek the aid of a family law attorney. Your lawyer will help you establish paternity legally, as this will make other matters much easier as the child grows up. We understand that this can be a confusing, emotional topic. Our attorneys will gladly help you during this time and answer your questions. Discover how establishing legal paternity rights will help in the future:

Paternity Rights Help You, the Father

Did you know that if you are not married to the child’s mother at the time of the child’s birth, you have no legal rights as the father? Many dads mistakenly believe that if he is on the birth certificate, then all legal matters are accounted for. However, even if your name is on the birth certificate, you don’t have any legal rights – including parenting time.

By establishing paternity, you are taking the first step toward legitimizing yourself as the father and being recognized as the child’s father in the legal realm. This is important to do at the start of the child’s life as many decisions may arise that you will want to have a say in, such as education, medical attention, and more. Once paternity has been established, you need to legitimize the relationship legally.

Paternity Rights Help Your Child

Legitimizing your child helps your child in the present and the future. In order to gain insurance benefits or benefit from your will, your relationship must be recognized legally. By doing so, your child will have an easier time dealing with legal matters that may arise.

Gray, Eittreim, Martin: Your Family Law Attorneys

With such an important matter, you want an attorney who specializes in family law. The lawyers at Gray, Eittreim, Martin LLC have robust experience and a plethora of knowledge to guide you in the right direction. We want to help you gain paternity rights which will create a ripple effect for you and your child’s entire life! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney today.