Are you contemplating representing yourself in your divorce case? People have done this before and received less than what they deserved or were forced to accept terms that did not fit their lifestyle. Keep reading to learn why you need a divorce lawyer for your case.

Caring for Minor Children

If you have children under the age of 18, a divorce attorney can help you determine how much child support is necessary to ensure your child’s care is not negatively affected. Also, your attorney will effectively argue your case if there is a dispute over the legal and physical custody of the children.

Splitting Assets & Properties

Oftentimes, any assets or properties that were acquired during the marriage must be split fairly during the divorce. To ensure you get what you deserve, a divorce attorney can request certain assets and properties and explain why those are rightfully yours.

Distributing Financial Responsibilities

Do you have debt, student loans, a mortgage, car payments, or anything of the sort? These are just a few examples of financial issues that may arise during your divorce. An attorney can determine who is responsible for certain finances and ensure responsibility is distributed fairly.

Navigating Through a Stressful Time

An amicable divorce can easily turn stressful within a matter of minutes. Even if you and your partner have an agreement about divorce details, it’s important to involve a lawyer to make sure that those agreed-upon details become reality in the courtroom.

How the Gray Eittreim Martin Attorneys Can Help

Family law is our expertise, and we’re here to help you through your divorce. We can skillfully guide you toward the best solution for your entire family and fight for what’s important to you. If you’re contemplating divorce, don’t hesitate to contact the Gray Eittreim Martin family law attorneys for guidance: 770-225-7000.