divorceIf you’re contemplating divorce, you likely have a thousand questions running through your mind. The uncertainties ahead can make you feel overwhelmed and vulnerable. However, the GEM attorneys can help! We will answer all of your questions and guide you in the direction we believe is most beneficial to you.

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Consider the following frequently asked questions about divorce:

FAQ: Will our property and assets be equally divided?

A common misconception in the divorce realm is that everything is divided equally. This is rarely the case. Instead, property is divided fairly. During your divorce litigation, your team of lawyers will go through the discovery process to find, value, and present property and assets. A judge will consider the unique circumstances of your case and fairly distribute the findings.

FAQ: Will I receive alimony?

Alimony is court-ordered financial support from one spouse to another. Usually, alimony is granted to a party who has been completely dependent on the other’s income throughout the marriage such as a stay at home mom. However, the judge considers many factors while determining alimony such as length of marriage, age and health of both parties, income and earning capacities, and other factors.

FAQ: How much child support will I have to pay?

When a divorce occurs with children involved, the topic of child support will likely be in the forefront of both parties’ minds. In Georgia, it is the parent’s responsibility to support their children until they are a legal adult (18-years-old) or until they graduate high school. A judge considers the income of both parties and determines how much is needed for the child to be supported financially.

FAQ: How does a judge determine custody and parenting time?

In a case that involves children, emotions run high and stress is amplified. However, the sooner a detailed parenting plan can be written out by the spouses, the easier the process becomes to determine custody and parenting time. If both parties cannot agree on a parenting plan, a judge consults with a guardian or custody evaluator to help determine a fair decision.

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