Eittreim Martin Cutler, LLC, was born of the coming together of veterans of several of the preeminent family law firms in the State of Georgia.  Our three partners, Ted Eittreim, Margaret Martin, and Alex Cutler, learned their crafts early in their respective family law careers working with the best of the best at Georgia’s most highly-regarded family law firms.  While each of their individual paths leading to the formation of EMC was unique, they often found themselves on the same road for a time; whether that was working for the same family law firms or seeing each other in the courtroom as respected adversaries.

Ted and Margaret can both trace their roots to working with one of the most prominent family law firms in Georgia beginning, for Margaret,  in the mid-1990s, and in 2003 for Ted.  After that shared beginning, Ted became a partner at Mayoue Gray Eittreim, P.C. in 2012, the last firm that John Mayoue, the well-known and highly-regarded family lawyer, called home prior to his passing in 2016, and Margaret became a partner at another of Georgia’s top family law firms where she honed her skills for over a decade before she and Ted joined forces in 2016.  Alex developed his legal talents practicing a combination of family law and commercial litigation for seven years at a mid-sized Atlanta firm before deciding to focus exclusively on family law.  He then spent nearly ten years practicing with the prominent family law firm of Lawler Green Prinz, LLC, where he ultimately became a partner, before teaming with Ted and Margaret.

Ted, Margaret, and Alex have taken the best of what they have learned over their decades-long careers and combined their efforts and approaches into the Firm, proving the axiom that the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts.  The Firm’s partners, attorneys, and staff alike work collaboratively, bringing their collective experience together towards a common goal and employing the Firm’s philosophy of passionate, yet also compassionate, representation of our divorce and family law clients.

Over their many years in practice, our partners, associates, and Of Counsel attorneys have each found that, regardless of whether a case is resolved in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, the most productive path to the best possible resolution is typically paved by first diligently pursuing discovery efforts and ensuring that proper due diligence is completed.  This is especially true in the complex divorce actions that form the Firm’s primary area of focus.  In that manner, the Firm’s clients can be confident that all material information, whether financial in nature or relating to contested custody and parenting time issues, is uncovered prior to the conclusion of the case.

Everyone at the Firm understands and appreciates that there will be times when the interests of our clients will best be served by arguing their interests in court, and our partners and attorneys are among the most seasoned and effective courtroom lawyers to be found anywhere in the area of family law.  However, the fact is that the majority of family law cases are resolved outside of the courtroom through negotiation, regularly culminating in a mediation or other alternative method of dispute resolution.  Therefore, the best result for the client and her or his family will most often be achieved by working to negotiate a resolution prior to trial.   This is especially true, and most often preferable, when custody of children is involved.  In those situations, we never forget that while the parties to a family law dispute might be adversaries in litigation, they will be “co-parents” for life.  The divorce process, and any family law litigation involving children, is, by definition, emotionally taxing, and the more amicable the parties can be during the process, the better chance they have of being able to co-parent moving into the next phase of their lives.