Family Law

Eittreim Martin Cutler, LLC practices exclusively in the area of family law.

To the team at EMC, family law is unique because of how personal it is. To us, effectively practicing family law is not simply about writing motions, researching legal issues, and arguing in court, although those skills are certainly important. Family law presents unique opportunities to assist clients not only through traditional litigation, but also on a more holistic level. We feel that we have mastered the delicate balance between legal advocacy and the emotional support required for optimum counsel in this specialized area of the law, and we take great pride in providing this advocacy and support for all of our clients.

When a client chooses our firm, they’re choosing the best representation available. At Eittreim Martin Cutler, we understand that this may be one of the hardest times in a client’s life. In the midst of a divorce or a child custody battle, emotions can run high and many more challenges can arise throughout the legal process. With that in mind, we seek to find the best possible outcome for you and your family through negotiation and litigation.

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Beginning with the first consult, we discover what your main concerns are and what you hope to gain from your case. Our desire is to give you comfort and confidence in our ability to reach the outcome that’s best for you. Our firm truly cares about our clients and their families. We provide you and your family with dedicated and unparalleled representation throughout your case, as well as the necessary care and discretion your situation requires.

Family law cases are both complex and filled with conflict. The lawyers at Eittreim Martin Cutler aim to handle your case with peak efficiency – we are not interested in litigating solely for the sake of litigation. Instead, we strive to achieve the result that benefits you and your loved ones the most, whether that result is found inside or outside of a courtroom. Indeed, the fact is that most family law matters are resolved prior to a final trial. Therefore the goal in every case is, first and foremost, a resolution with minimal conflict.  However, that goal does not mean an abdication of due diligence or a preclusion of discovery. In fact, we often find that the best negotiated settlement is achieved for our clients through the diligent, but respectful, pursuit of the facts and circumstances of each unique case. However, sometimes there is no alternative to trial, and when that is the case, the lawyers at Eittreim Martin Cutler have the knowledge and experience to gain the best possible result from a judge or jury.

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