prenupA prenuptial agreement, or “prenup”, is an agreement made prior to marriage about how assets will be divided in the event of a divorce. While most people think of prenups as something solely for the very wealthy, this is simply not the case. A prenup can be an excellent idea for anyone considering marriage.

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Here are 5 reasons to consider getting a prenup:

50% of Marriages End in Divorce

This is the dreaded statistic that has been thrown around for decades. While it’s not completely accurate, most studies end up with a number near 40%. With such a high possibility of divorce, it’s smart to plan ahead in case the unexpected happens.

Ensure that People are Marrying for the Right Reasons

They say “love is blind” and that can unfortunately be true. While asking your fiancee to sign a prenuptial agreement may not be the most romantic of things, it can ensure that your future spouse is marrying you for love and not for other reasons.  By demanding a prenup to protect your assets, you end up protecting yourself from a potentially harmful marriage.

It Makes Divorce Less Stressful

Because of the nature of the prenup, divorce becomes a less stressful experience. When there is already an agreement in place stating who gets what and how much, there is far less for couples to fight over.

prenupDivorce Can Ruin Your Finances

Whether you do okay or better than okay, your finances are put at extreme risk during a divorce. If your spouse is in significant debt, it’s possible that you will inherit this debt if you don’t have a prenuptial agreement in place to protect your interests.

You’re a Business Owner

Any business you own, just like your money, will be in the line of fire during a divorce process. By drafting a prenup, you can ensure that the business you own stays in your possession.

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