child custody orderWhen it comes to divorce, perhaps the most sensitive aspect of the situation is determining what will happen to the children. Whether you’re the custodial parent or not, there are rules you must abide by. The violation of these rules can result in serious penalties. Even more importantly, violation of a child custody order can be emotionally damaging for your child.

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Document Any Offenses

Do your best to document offenses that present problems in your custody situation. Save texts and emails, make notes of any mishaps or issues that arise, and keep track of your child’s attendance records. This will aid you in showing a judge that the actions of the other parent are or have the potential to be harmful to the well-being of the child.

Have Your Attorney Send a Letter to Your Ex

A good first step when your ex is violating a child custody order is to have your attorney send a strongly-worded letter to your ex notifying them of future legal consequences. This will sometimes cause the ex to cease violating the order without having to take them to court.

File a Motion With the Court

If your ex continues to violate the child custody order, you can file a motion with the court. You will be able to present proof of your ex violating the child custody order and they will have to explain to the judge why he or she violated the order. If found guilty, they could face fines, sanctions, and even imprisonment for serious violations.

child custody orderCall the Police

Calling the police should be a last resort when enforcing your child custody order. If your ex is 15 minutes late dropping off your child, reporting it to the police is unnecessary. However, if you’re worried for the safety of your child or suspect kidnapping, contact the police immediately.

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