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Consider the following FAQs:

Does child custody automatically go to the mother?

The stereotype that children will automatically go to the mother in the event of a divorce is incorrect. In the past, it was more common that the mother gained custody; however, now the courts are much more objective. The deciding factor concerning who gains custody is who will be best for the child.

Are there different types of child custody?

Yes! While sole custody is talked about the most, partial (or joint) custody is also very common. Joint physical custody is when both parents spend a significant amount of time with the child. For example, the father keeps the children two weeks out of the month, and the mother keeps the children the other two weeks. There is also joint legal custody which is shared decision-making on important subjects such as education, religion, and medial issues.

Child custody may be awarded as sole, joint physical, joint legal, or even a combination of joint physical and legal. The judge’s decision is based on the well-being of the parents and child.

How is visitation determined?

If one parent is granted sole custody, it’s common that the other parent has visitation rights (unless ordered by the court). Determining how much visitation the non-custodial parent can have is most often determined by the parties themselves. However, if they cannot come to an agreement, the courts decide for them.

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