a father sits and holds his young child

Although most people believe that outcomes in divorce cases are slanted toward the female party, this is not always the case. Judges take into consideration the facts of the case, who would be the best provider for the children, and more. If you’re a male and considering divorce in Georgia, this is what you need to know:

You are Not at a Disadvantage Because of Your Gender

Modern families mean more modern court rulings. Gone are the days where women solely stayed at home and men worked 40+ hour weeks. Even if this is the case in your family, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have an input on the divorce outcome. Judges do not make their decisions based on gender, rather what is in the best interests of everyone involved.

Your Voice Will Be Heard Concerning Child Custody

The courts want to make sure that the children involved will be well taken care of. That does not mean that your wife will automatically get physical and sole custody just because she is “mom.” The court looks at several factors such as:

  • Parent/child bond
  • Parent’s ability to provide
  • Mental health of parents
  • Physical state of parents
  • Future home atmosphere

Your Finances Will Not be Exploited

Child support will range based on the needs of the children, each parent’s income, and other factors. Just because you work and make a substantial amount of money doesn’t mean child support will leave you poor each month. Judges do not order child support to exploit finances, but rather what the child needs to continue living life as he is used to.

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