happy father holds happy childThe United States is experiencing an era characterized by a decline in marriages and an increase in new family forms, according to studies by Pew Research Center. Because of this, the number of children who are born to unwed parents has skyrocketed. It’s vitally important for fathers to understand their paternity rights.

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Allow us to answer a few frequently asked questions about paternity and how you can establish it legally as the father:

Can I establish paternity prior to the birth?

It is uncommon for a judge to allow the birth father to establish paternity before the actual birth of the child. In many cases, a DNA test is complete to prove the relationship between father and child, then paternity is granted. However, many states will allow you to file a paternity petition prior to the birth but you won’t receive official legal documents until after the birth and after other steps are complete.

How can I establish paternity?

The state of Georgia allows fathers to establish paternity three different ways. First, if you are legally married to the birth mother when the child is born, you automatically have paternity rights. Second, when the child is born, you can sign a Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement form at the hospital or another approved location. Third, after the child is born, you can pursue paternity rights through a court order.

How can a family law attorney help my paternity case?

We understand this can be an emotional time and you may not want this information to be leaked to the public. Our family law attorneys spend countless hours ensuring your case is handled with confidentiality. Oftentimes, the presence and aid from a lawyer can fast track your case so you don’t have to endure the process very long.

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