a woman looks at the divorce papers she was just handed and she is not happyWhether receiving divorce papers issued a sigh of relief or caused you to feel overwhelmed, it’s important that you answer the complaint. Keep reading to know exactly what you need to do after receiving divorce papers:

Answer the Complaint

The divorce papers that were served to you requires an answer form. This form must be filled out and filed within 30 days of receiving the complaint. In the divorce papers, your spouse wrote out complaints and you must answer whether those complaints are true or untrue. If a certain complaint is partially true, you can note that but you must explain why.

Counterclaim if Necessary

If your spouse requested certain criteria in the divorce papers that you do not agree with, you can counterclaim. For example, your spouse may have requested that you are required to provide alimony. You can submit a counterclaim form to counteract those requests. A judge will determine the route in which to take.

Hearings or Alternative Dispute Resolutions Will Take Place

Often, a hearing will take place to set temporary grounds until the divorce is finalized (i.e. child custody, alimony, place of living, etc.). After this hearing has taken place, you and your spouse can participate in alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation or negotiation, to determine the details of the divorce. If the details cannot be agreed upon, another hearing must take place and a judge will decide the details for both parties. After which, the divorce will be finalized.

Your Eittreim Martin Cutler Divorce Attorneys Can Help

From answering divorce papers to requesting your wishes to a judge, the divorce process can be very overwhelming and lengthy. The Eittreim Martin Cutler divorce attorneys can take over the legal process for you and help you during this trying time. If you have questions, please reach out to our team: 770-225-7000.