alternative dispute resolutionsWhen you think about a lawsuit, you probably imagine a courtroom with a judge and jury. While many cases do require a judge and courtroom appearance, many more cases are settled out of court – thanks to alternative dispute resolutions. These options take less of a toll on you financially and emotionally.

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Discover the difference types of alternative dispute resolutions:


Imagine a courtroom setting with both lawyers presenting each case to a judge and a verdict is decided. Arbitration is exactly that, but in a confidential room instead of a courtroom. This allows for privacy and less publicity. The verdict decided in the arbitration trial is binding.


During mediation, spouses are normally in separate rooms with their lawyers. The mediator presents to each side what the other party offers (but does not give his own opinion). After back and forth discussion, the parties may come to terms on an agreement.

Mediation is a way for spouses to decide the outcome of the case instead of a judge or jury deciding for them. It’s important to note that this alternative dispute resolution is not binding.

Late Case Evaluation

During a late case evaluation, an experienced family law attorney or judge will review the case and inform the parties what will likely be the outcome of the case. This way, the parties have one last chance to agree on a settlement – instead of leaving the decision to a judge or jury.

Judicially-Hosted Settlement Conference

Much like a late case evaluation, a judicially-hosted settlement conference allows a third party to evaluate the case and tell the parties what will likely be the outcome of the case. The third party is often a judge who has extensive experience in family law. When progress is no longer being made between the parties, this type of conference is usually arranged.

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