paternityIt is not uncommon for unwed couples to face paternity and legitimation issues. When these issues are not addressed, both the mother and father often feel stressed and anxious. To avoid legal complications, it’s important to determine paternity and establish legitimation as soon as possible. Fortunately, our skilled attorneys can help.

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Paternity & Legitimation Details

Paternity is the legal term for the biological father role. When paternity needs to be confirmed, you are likely searching for a law firm that can handle this matter discretely. We have successfully helped high-status clients in determining paternity without the public’s knowledge. We understand this sensitive subject can be emotionally draining; that’s why we handle these cases with the utmost respect and care. Depending on your unique situation, it can be established in various ways:

  • Through a court order
  • By signing a Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement form
  • Being legally married to each other when the child is born

Subsequently, we can help you legitimize the child after paternity has been established. Legitimation is the process of the unwed father claiming his child through the legal system. Many people do not realize that unwed fathers who have not established paternity or legitimation have no legal rights in regards to the child. Serious issues such as custody, parenting time, or even appointing your child as a recipient of your will is impossible if these legal actions are not taken.

The GEM Family Law attorneys can help both the mother and father come to an agreement concerning parenting time, custody, child support, and other subjects that involve your child. Contact us today if you need paternity or legitimation aid.