closeup shot of a couple's hands during a wedding ceremonyA professionally written and thorough prenuptial agreement can serve as a boost in a couple’s relationship before their marriage begins. But, it’s important that the prenup is written correctly and both parties act appropriately. The Gray Eittreim Martin family law attorneys can help you write this document to ensure validity!

Several mistakes to avoid while drafting your prenuptial agreement include waiting until the last minute, forgetting to include important information, and failing to hire a family law attorney. Discover the details.

Waiting Too Long to Write a Prenuptial Agreement

Divorce lawyers recommend writing a prenuptial agreement right after you get engaged. Although it doesn’t sound romantic, this could help strengthen your future marriage by having an open and honest conversation about assets and expectations. Don’t wait until your wedding plans are set in stone to write a prenuptial agreement or unnecessary pressure and stress may be added to your engagement period.

Forgetting to Include Important Assets

Although sometimes unintentional, a person may forget to include important assets such as insurance policies, homes, or old bank accounts. Take the time to think through everything that has your name on it and determine whether it should be in your prenuptial agreement. If you have questions, a divorce lawyer can help you determine what should be included or what is acceptable to leave out.

Choosing the Wrong Lawyer

Whether you need an attorney to help you write a prenuptial agreement or oversee your divorce proceedings, you need to choose a lawyer who is an expert in family law. If you are already married and did not write a prenuptial agreement, you can still write a postnuptial agreement which can safeguard your assets. The Gray Eittreim Martin family attorneys can guide you through these important documents!

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